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Greek Chicken Gyro Replica

Being half Greek and living in Greece more than 50 percent of my life, I cannot avoid craving and wanting the food I grew up with. The gyros,pita,souvlaki(γύρος,πίτα,σουβλάκι) is after all what Greeks call, “fast food”. I have to admit it’s a challenge to find the exact wholesome ingredients that make Greek food taste so… Continue reading Greek Chicken Gyro Replica

Diet · Food · Health · Healthy · Hypothyroidism · Intermittent · Intermittent diet · Recipe

Healthy Turkey Taco Bowl

This is a delicious recipe which I used for my weekly lunch meal prep. It adds up to 4 servings if you prefer to make it for a family meal and is easy-peasy to put together. What makes it different from other Turkey Taco Bowl recipe’s you may ask? Well, it’s healthy 🤣 I subbed… Continue reading Healthy Turkey Taco Bowl